Dire Warnings / Disclaimer

My coaching practice is about addressing issues of physical health and assisting my clients develop the behaviors to more optimally organize and progress through their lives. My scope of practice includes making lifestyle, nutrition, and non pharmaceutical recommendations to assist my clients in achieving their goals. As a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of Texas with a Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine it is within my scope of practice to treat and make recommendations to alleviate health issues.

I am not a mental health care professional. While I find that very often people may have certain emotional blocks which prevent them from moving forward in their life my recommendations are only meant to help one manage their life and conduct. Such recommendations may alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD or other issues as a byproduct of their implementation however it is not within my scope of practice to diagnose issues of mental health nor is it within my scope of practice to treat underlying psychological trauma. I am happy to recommend you to resources and individuals who are licensed to diagnose and treat psychological issues or other matters which go beyond the scope of my practice.