Origin Story / About

Adventurers come from all walks of life, I grew up in a suburb of Dallas Texas, obtained a Bachelors in History in Asheville North Carolina, and achieved my Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Austin Texas. I am quite familiar pain management medicine as well as treating environmental/chemical sensitivities. I am well aware of the issues people with chronic conditions face having grown up in a household with a chemically sensitive parent.

In pursuit of becoming a real life superhero I have volunteered with a Wolfdog rescue, trained with Search and Rescue, studied several martial arts, practiced calisthenics, made armor, done metal fabrication, and worked as a stagehand and as an actor. I have studied a variety of life skills including etiquette, cooking, dance, finances, and business building. I am a polymath.

I am an introvert, on the autistic spectrum, and have dealt with major depression and anxiety. I know first hand the difficulty of going through life to the beat of a different drummer. I have had to teach myself how to be persuasive, organized, break things down into manageable challenges, present myself professionally and find ways to accept that I could be social without being fake or compromising my integrity.

With my diverse background and unique experiences I have found that very often the skills we need to really get through life or over some hurdle are not obvious. Oftentimes there are small but crucial steps which we were not taught and these gaps slow us down, wasting our time and efforts, or keep us from moving forward at all. I want to help people fill in those gaps and move forward with their lives. A resilient and creative person, with the will and plan to move forward, can do great things in their life and their community.

Ultimately I want to see my clients outgrow me and create the world and life they want to live in.